ISSPRO Fuel Senders

ISSPRO is famous for fuel senders! Used by many major OEM’s as well as the U.S. military, ISSPRO’S Ultimate Fuel Sender is rugged and reliable in the most demanding applications.

In addition to the float arm fuel senders that most people are familiar with, ISSPRO offers several varieties of tube style senders that use rugged electronic components for precision and reliability. These senders have no pivot points. An internal float is the only moving part. ISSPRO’s tube style senders are resistant to reading errors caused by fuel slosh, and electronic components are protected with durable conformal coatings for long life.

We can design 6 volt, 12 volt or 24 volt senders for most applications, regardless of tank shape or vehicle type.

Contact our factory at 1-800-888-8065 if you are uncertain which ohms curve you need.