Winter 2020

Made in Portland OR. Celebrating over 70 years in business

A Message from ISSPRO

Dear Valued ISSPRO Customers,

2020 has been a trying and unprecedented year with the emergence of Covid 19 and the novel corona virus but we here at ISSPRO continue to be dedicated to manufacturing quality gauges and instrumentation for our customers worldwide.

We have been working hard innovating new and exciting products into our product lines such as;

  • EV² AFR gauge
  • EV² mechanical pressure gauges
  • 90° thermocouples
  • R601 fuel level gauge ohms tester

In 2020 we stepped up our social media presence by expanding from just Facebook, you can now see us posting regularly on Instagram (@IssproOfficial) and Twitter(@Isspro3) as well.  We also debuted our updated website to make shopping for or researching our products easier for our customers by adding more pictures, better product descriptions, instructions listed with the part numbers.

We here at ISSPRO appreciate your support and business as we continue to strive to provide durable and well made products in our facility and to continue to provide the excellent customer service that our customers have to come to expect from ISSPRO over the years.

Meet our Tech Support Team

Need tech help to install or troubleshoot your gauges? Call ISSPRO for tech help! You can speak to our techs to get help with all of your ISSPRO gauge and instrumentation questions. With many years of combined experience across all of our gauge lines you can feel confident you’re getting expert advice on all of your technical needs.

For tech support with our standard line of gauges and instrumentation Don Wendlick can be reached at 800-888-8065 EXT 3402.

For tech support with our performance line of gauges and instrumentation Michael Pliska can be reached 800-888-8065 EXT 3407.

You can also check out our troubleshooting guides on our website under the service and tech support section on our homepage.


                  RS11224 – 2 1/16” Air Fuel Ratio Gauge 

Although our name is synonymous with diesel, ISSPRO knows MORE than diesel! ISSPRO offers a full line of automotive gauges as well as diesel gauges and we are proud to announce our new 2 1/16”  AFR gauge part number RS11224. The AFR gauge is part of our sealed EV² series gauges and is sold as a complete kit with everything needed for installation. Order this gauge today! For more information email or check out our website at


                   EV² 2 IN 1  3 3/8” SPEEDO/TACH COMBO GAUGES

The 2 in 1 speedo/ tach combo gauges are a great solution to your limited dash space! These completely sealed 3 3/8” speedo/tach combo gauges are completely programmable and can be used for automotive, diesel, and marine applications. For more information email